What Can You Do With Nainer?

Start Your Business

As a Founder, if you have an idea which you think can make a successful business, then you are in the right place. Nainer is where an idea becomes a business. Read More

Invest in Startup Businesses

An Investor is a person or organization who is looking to invest funds in for startup business projects meeting their unique specifications or interests. Read More

Join a Startup Business

An Industry Expert is a person who has specific expertise in a given industry or unique area of interest who may be interested in bringing their expertise to a startup team as a founding member or perhaps in a mentor role. Read More

How An Idea Becomes A Business

Nainer is the place where founding teams are made. If you are interested in innovation and business, Nainer is where you need to be. Once you have registered, you can indicate your interest, be it an innovative idea you would like to turn in to a successful business, maybe you have unique industry expertise and are looking for a new project/challenge, or you are an investor looking for the ideal project to grow your money. You register with Nainer and we will introduce you to the rest of your winning founding team.


There are many networking and discussion web sites devoted to encouraging founders and entrepreneurs to discuss business, innovation, and ideas. Some of these sites even encourage investors to participate. Nainer is the ONLY web site which proactively connects Founders, Investors, and Industry Experts based on their indicated interest areas bringing together the startup team to launch a business.

Registering and using Nainer to find your founding team is free. Communicating with other Nainer members is free. There will never be any form of "premium membership" or advertising revenue on Nainer. The end goal of Nainer is for anyone to start a business. That requires a successful team and financing with one or more investors. If we have not helped a Founder do that, we do not think we have earned anything. If a Founder DOES find a successful team and funding as a result of the introductions made through Nainer, we feel that a modest payment to Nainer comprising 1% of the financing package and a 1% equity position in the company, as detailed in the Terms of Use, is only fair.

Registering on Nainer is not an exclusive agreement. Nainer wants you to start your business any way you can. If you find an Investor though other means after registering a project on Nainer, we have not participated in that transaction and there would be no fee earned by, or due to,Nainer.

Nainer takes the protection of IP (Intellectual property) rights very seriously! When a user registers with Nainer, they consent to respect IP laws and practices which is the equivalent of the traditional Non-Disclosure Agreement. There are specific remedies for violations of IP rights in the Nainer Terms of Use every member agrees to upon registering. Only registered Nainer members can see other member's IP and data. No member data or IP on Nainer is publicly searchable.

Nainer does not presently offer services to facilitate the structuring of, or transferring of, funds between Investors and Founders. It is up to the Investor and Founder to negotiate the form and method of their finance package.

It is not uncommon for new businesses to have multiple investors. For this reason, Nainer also offers the capability for multiple Investors to become part of a Founder's project team.

Nainer strongly encourages members to link their Nainer profile to their LinkedIn account. This provides the best way for other members to get more familiar with you and your experience and talents.

Nainer understands that business is multifaceted. Once you have registered with Nainer as a Founder, Investor, or Industry Expert, you can add additional sub accounts as the other roles.

Nainer matches its members based on the data and preferences in your profile. It stands to reason that the more complete your profile data, the more relevant and successful matches Nainer will show you. That just works better for you. Some data in your profile is not used for matches, but is still vital for demographic analysis, again, all with the goal of making Nainer work better for you.

As an Investor, or Industry Expert, you can create multiple searches with differing criteria and interest areas. Each saved search will display those projects which match the search criteria. You can also, of course, browse the complete project listing or use the Instant Search feature to display projects which may not match your saved searches.

Because many websites use advertisements to generate revenue, the more time they can get you to spend on their website, the greater the probability you will see an advertisement which interests you, thus making them money. Nainer does not generate revenue from advertisements on our site and so has no interest in you spending your valuable time on our web site. We understand that your time is better spent on more productive endeavors. Although you can always visit Nainer and view your matches on your homepage, we highly encourage you to set up a schedule to receive an email report of projects meeting your preferences.