What Can You Do With Nainer?

Start Your Business

As a Founder, if you have an idea which you think can make a successful business, then you are in the right place. Nainer is where an idea becomes a business. Read more

Invest in Startup Businesses

An Investor is a person or organization who is looking to invest funds in for startup business projects meeting their unique specifications or interests. Read more

Join a Startup Business

An Industry Expert is a person who has specific expertise in a given industry or unique area of interest who may be interested in bringing their expertise to a startup team as a founding member or perhaps in a mentor role. Read more

How An Idea Becomes A Business

Nainer is the place where founding teams are made. If you are interested in innovation and business, Nainer is where you need to be. Once you have registered, you can indicate your interest, be it an innovative idea you would like to turn in to a successful business, maybe you have unique industry expertise and are looking for a new project/challenge, or you are an investor looking for the ideal project to grow your money. You register with Nainer and we will introduce you to the rest of your winning founding team.