Online Business Collaboration Platform for Founders

Although many people expound on the information age, one could argue that this may also be the entrepreneurial age. The free exchange of information facilitated by rapid advancements in technology makes it ever more appealing to strike out with your own business to realize your innovative business ideas. The idea of letting your corporate overloads get rich from your intellectual property is ever more distasteful to today's innovators.

There are, of course, many challenges and obstacles you will encounter in launching a startup business. Two of the most daunting are finding key personnel with the necessary industry knowledge and invaluable expertise, as well as securing the necessary funding to launch the project. These are the areas where Nainer helps you succeed.

Conventional wisdom tells us that one of the prerequisites to launching a business is having an extensive professional network. There are many online services that allow you to discuss business topics with other entrepreneurs. Building an extensive professional network, however, is a strategic endeavor. You have to have the network in place when you need it. When you need the support of a professional network is not the time to be building it.

It is not that an extensive network of professional contacts is superfluous, Nainer recognizes the enormous value of professional contacts. We just do not subscribe to the outdated philosophy that it's not what you know, but who you know, and starting an innovative business should only be permitted for those with the right connections.

With Nainer, anyone can put together a winning startup team.

Even with all the right experts fleshing out your team, you still have to secure the funding. Getting your project in front of the right financier has always been one of the greatest obstacles in launching a new business. Investors have specific areas of interest and have multiple layers of gatekeepers who rigorously restrict Founders from getting through to the decision makers. This traditional system results in the entrepreneurs having to be very creative if they are ever going to get even five minutes in the same room with the investor.

This is not because the investors don't want to hear about a great idea, it is exactly the opposite. Their challenge is sifting through the chaff to find the projects which meet their investment criteria. There is always an investor who is looking for an investment opportunity like your innovative idea. They just can't find you.

This is where Nainer excels. Nainer allows the investors to bypass the traditional system of "gatekeepers" and find your project directly.