Online Business Collaboration Platform for Industry Experts

There is a lot made of the fact that investing in a startup company early is where investors make the greatest profits. The same is true of the industry experts, people with specific knowledge or areas of expertise, who joined new companies at the start up stage. The people who helped start companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc., earned enormous payoffs by getting in early.

It is no longer realistic to expect to work your way up the corporate ladder in the traditional manner. Many more professionals are now choosing to join new and startup companies or startup investment opportunities to gain rapid advancement and higher earnings. Joining a startup company develops attributes and experiences which would take years or even decades for an individual to accomplish in mature companies.

Experienced HR professionals will tell you that the best jobs are never advertised. Key positions are filled through direct contacts or head hunters. Traditionally, knowing about key positions required an extensive professional network or hiring an HR professional to manage an employment campaign for you.

Nainer is the first platform designed specifically to allow Industry Experts to search for startup companies those are looking for your unique industry knowledge or area of expertise to fill out their start up team. This allows you to connect directly with the Founders to discuss how well you will fit with their new project.