Online Business Collaboration Platform for Investors

The problem with gold rushes is that by the time the news breaks, the people who are going to profit have already done so. The key is to get there first.

The same is true for investing in startup companies. Great wealth can be realized by investing in a great idea before the news breaks. The challenge is to find your way through the deluge of ideas and proposals to find the few good projects which match your areas of interest.

Traditionally this has required an extensive network of contacts and gatekeepers to ensure that only those projects which match your criteria take up your valuable time in the evaluation. Of course, there is a considerable expense in maintaining this filtering network, be it in payroll, commissions, finder's fees, etc.

There is also the reality that this is an imperfect filter. For many reasons, the people in this filtering network occasionally mistakenly prevent a phenomenal investment from reaching you for consideration.

There are many problems facing investors in today's environment where it seems that almost everyone is starting a new company with an innovative business idea, product or process. Nainer doesn't solve them all for you, but we can clear a couple of them off your plate.

Getting in early.

Nainer allows you to find those Founders who are just forming their start up team and looking for initial financing to launch their companies. Investing in the right project before everyone else knows about it is where you see the greatest return on investment.

Sifting through the chaff.

Nainer allows you to set your criteria the way you want. You control which projects you see in your results page. No one can accidentally prevent you from seeing that next great investment .